Best Smartwatches for 2017

Features To Look For While Buying The Best Smartwatch In 2017

Smartwatches have evolved over the years. There was a time when smartwatches did not have many apps and were available only in black and white, but a lot has changed over the past few years. Big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Asus and LG among others have jumped in this market, and as a result, you have a lot of choice regarding features, designs, and shape among other things. Here is a list of the features you should consider when looking for best smartwatches in 2017.

Compatibility is the first thing you need to consider while buying a smartwatch. It is important to consider that most devices are not compatible with all the devices. For instance, many smartwatches that use the Android Wear operating system are Android-centric devices (like the Samsung Gear Fit 2) and may not give you the experience you want on an iOS device even though they may have support for iOS. Similarly, smartwatch by Apple works only with iOS powered devices. Therefore, make sure the watch you’re going to buy is compatible with the device you use.

The most important aspect of your smart phone is the wide variety of apps available to you, and this is also the reason most people buy a smartwatch. Therefore, the most important thing you want in a smartwatch is the quality of the apps on the App Store. So, take a close look at the availability of apps for the smartwatch you’re considering before you buy it. Currently, it seems Apple is getting the most love from developers as there are some high-quality apps available on the App Store for Apple watch.

In addition to smartwatches, another gadget that has gained popularity over the past couple of years is the fittest bands. Many people invest in fitness bands to track their daily activity and get an idea of where they are lacking and where they should improve.

You should invest in a smartwatch that also acts as your activity tracker. Most modern watches available for sale track the basic activities such as steps but the choice of features depends on your requirements. For instance, smartwatches with built-in GPS allow you to track your runs without the need for another device. Some smartwatches also come with heartbeat sensors as well as a variety of other sensors to help you track your activity level.

One of the things that have kept many people away from smartwatches and other such gadgets is the limited battery life. Believe it or not, most of the gadgets people use today still use the battery tech invented almost two decades back, and there still hasn’t been a breakthrough in battery technology. Therefore, pay special attention to the battery life of the smartwatch you are going to buy.

Smartwatches are expensive and before buying one, keep in mind that most smartwatches are not going to remain with you for years. You are as likely to buy a new version of the smartwatch in two years as most people upgrade their phones. Therefore, when you are looking at a smartwatch, keep in mind that you may replace it in the next one or two years.

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