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What Home Electrical Work Might You Need To Plug In Your Tesla Car

The Tesla series of automobiles is an advanced automobile intended to run cleaner than an internal combustion engine. Powered solely by electricity, the Tesla series of cars represents a new direction for cars that many are adamant is the wave of the future. With fuel prices still dangerously high and on the precipice of becoming even higher with even a slight shift in the winds of international politics, many feel that some new alternative energy source for the transportation infrastructure that drives the modern world forward is not an ideal but a necessity. Many technologists of various stripes are adamant that the Tesla and the technology that supports it, though still ultimately in its infancy, is going to be this alternative energy source within a matter of decades, much as petroleum replaced coal a century ago.

Many people are already investing in early model Teslas hoping to be among the first to blaze the trail of technological innovation that works to prepare a greener, less toxic future. But for many people, powering a Tesla is a problematic matter. While many proponents of the Tesla’s technology believe that charging a Tesla at home is one of its best features rather than being required to be filled with gasoline with great frequency, this is also something of the Tesla’s main weakness as well. The technology is still new, and the ability to easily recharge them is not in common use yet. While public recharging stations are emerging, it is currently in earnest, typically requiring Tesla owners to charge their vehicles at home.

Fortunately, the Model S and Model X Teslas come with some devices intended to allow its owners to charge their vehicles. That said, the equipment will not work on any simple power outlet. The Tesla comes with its style of a power outlet, known as an NEMA 14-50. This device is an out let of 240 volts built with a circuit breaker of the 50 amp variety. This is a specialized type of power outlet that must be installed near the Tesla’s planned parking spot, where the Tesla can be plugged in. While this is the same type of outlet used to power large recreational vehicles, this technology is still something of a specialized product and requires certain special efforts to make it possible.

The first thing to do is to contact a licensed electrician. If you live in Richardson or Frisco, TX, we direct you towards the Big State Electricians Richardson website.
Preparing a home’s power system to accommodate a Tesla requires specialized building and technical work that only a professional can provide. The electrician will have to complete a load calculation of your existing circuits to ensure that a power hungry device like a Tesla does not destroy your home’s power systems. Once a plan for wiring the parking space to accommodate the specialized devices that power a Tesla, the plan must be submitted to the local building department to ensure it is up to code before work begins. After work, some local building departments also require a follow-up inspection. Fortunately, the charging technology is not entirely new, and many electricians and building departments already have standards in place for them.

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