PPC Done Right

There is an ongoing debate as to which is a better digital marketing strategy, PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business.  No matter which side of the debate that you come down on there is far more money being spent on PPC services than SEO.  87% of search marketing dollars are spent on PPC while SEO only sees 11% of that revenue.

PPC can offer tremendous value to your business but it is not without its drawbacks.  PPC success is not based on luck or simply buying a few clicks there are skills involved to see the best results.

PPC Done Right:

Keyword planning

Keywords are vital to your campaign for a couple of different reasons.  First you don’t want to spend money on clicks that are irrelevant to your business, you want laser targeted ads that drive customers.

Second too many impressions can lower your click thru rate, which in turn affects your quality score and that in turn affects your price.  Fortunately you can work with a digital marketing agency who can help you pick profitable keywords.

Ad Copy

Writing good ad copy is an art.  The right ad copy needs to match your content with your keywords.  Ad copy can and will affect the ranking and number of impressions you get along with the minimum CPC, so it needs to be done right.

Landing page

When someone clicks on your PPC ad the page they are directed to is your landing page and it needs to be done right.  Good landing page design will take the leads you get from your PPC campaign and convert them into customers.  Your landing page also needs to follow the guidelines of the Google.  Your landing page needs to have links to a contact, terms, disclosure, and privacy pages.

For the conversion aspect of a landing page, there are elements that you need to get right, working with a digital marketing agency can help make sure your landing page works for you.  Here is a video breaking down the elements of a good landing page.

Managed PPC

There are many elements that going into making a PPC campaign successful.  Everything from picking the right keywords, setting a budget for the ad spend and building a landing page.  Most business opt for a managed solution, it takes the work of putting together a PPC campaign off your shoulders.

A digital marketing agency has experience, that you may not have, in putting together the campaign.  Experience that can pay off by the increase in sales for your business.

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